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You're all that I'm asking for ♥

Baby ♥ Boy

It’s raining, here. A cool and gentle breeze is blowing my hair and tickling my neck. Yet you’re what i’m thinking of, longing for just. Those strong protective arms of yours to hold me, safe. You make me feel so secure, you’re just the one that I’m missing so much. Even though I left Deerpark Station at 12:50, and logically my mind tells me that was less then 7 hours ago. All these minutes in time blend together....serving only to drive my heart crazy. You just don’t know how much you mean. You just don’t don’t know how you’ve changed my life. Enriched it, inspired it, strengthened it and brought joy to every corner of my soul. You’ll never realize how brave you are. You’re just amazing.

Every-time I see you, every-time we talk I only fall more in love. Ever single kiss, each and every burning touch only reinforces my adoration. I’m simply full of overflowing unconditional desire, love, compassion, respect and trust; for this wonderful man, you. You’ll never be ordinary, you’ll always be my extraordinary, amazing man. I know together, we can show the world, what’s inside your heart. Show the world, the amazing man who looks out sadly from behind your gorgeous eyes. You’re reflection will show the man, I’ve come to love beyond measure. I’ll always give you my strength to get through each hard day. I know you feel lost, but don’t be alone, I’m always within your heart. Always whispering how much I love you. Always trying to show you just who you are inside. You’ll never be alone with me at your side. The strength is within you, you’re more then you’ll ever realize.

I can’t wait for you to come home. To our life, to our bed to our normal life. Just a boy and his girl, nothing to star at. Just a boyfriend and his girlfriend. No need to figure out who you ARE. You’ll prove it, you’ll clam it all. You’ll see someday just how proud you make me. You’ll see what a wonderful man you are baby and until then. I’ll be right there building you up when others deem to tare you down.

I’ve never been more awed, then seeing what you’d written. To see just how much I truly mean to you, gives me happy tears. To be given the chance to share a part of you. To read your inner thoughts, I was so shocked. I was so honored you could share something like that with me. Even now you’re texting to say how much you miss me, aw. I don’t even want to go to bed if your not holding me. Or I can’t hold you safely against my heart. There truly isn’t anything as wonderful as feeling your head against my heart. To be holding you, my own dear soul. The product of my inner dreams made real. You were all that I was asking for. From your captivating eyes, to your shinning smile, I’ve told you I’m pouring out my soul. You amaze me, you satisfy everything I’ve been asking for. Goodness how you surprise, with little gifts and I just can’t believe I got this lucky. I’d never imagine a life without you here. Inside my heart.

Baby I’m all yours. All your’s, my heart, my soul, with every fiber of my being. My mind, body and spirit aches, longings to connect again with you. To be whole again, to be our ideal selves. I’ve been waiting all my life for my prince charming. I’ve been searching for someone, unsure I’d never find my soulmate. I wasn’t sure I even believed then I turned around and you’re here. Baby, if I could I’d write our names in the stars forever. I’d make every one of your dreams come true. I’d show you just how essential and important you are. I’ve been waiting all my life to love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of it doing just that.

For everything you are
you’re something special
ALWAYS baby,
I’ll be right here giving,
respect, love, care,
always your Lexie <3
~*la misma luna*~