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Son of Man <3

Dearest Baby,

How simple, it’s been to love you, unconditionally truly deeply fully. Just for the man you are. You’re never what I expected, your so much more. In each passing day my love for you only grows. Looking back across the months, if someone had told me. I’d fall in love in with a man. I'd never have believed. But baby I NEVER change my life for anything. You’ve brought me so much joy.

“Oh, the power to be strong
And the wisdom to be wise
All these things will
come to you in time”

Your my protection and my sweetest dream. Never have I felt safer, then when your holding me close. You know what I need before I ask. When you smile. You melt my heart. Everything about you is simply heavenly. From your eyes gorgeous. To your smile, to your touch and your laughter and how we are together. You're so much wiser then you know my love. Sometimes I think, maybe I’ve imagined you, then you call, text or I wake in your arms; and I smile.

“On this journey that you're making
There'll be answers that you'll seek
And it's you who'll climb the mountain
It's you who'll reach the peak”

I’d never change anything about you. My only wish is for you to be happy. To be the man you are inside. To show the world, what you’ve showed me. That your an amazing, handsome, sexy, wonderful, dreamy, caring man. I know there is so much you've yet to discover about yourself. I just can't wait to be there for everything. I couldn’t ask for more. You’re my brightest star. You give me butterflies baby. You awoke me from my cold, darkness. Made me safe and warm. Your more then I’ve imagined, your more amazing everyday. So, of course I miss you terribly.

"Son of Man, look to the sky
Lift your spirit, set it free
Some day you'll walk tall with pride
Son of Man, a man in time you'll be"

From the minute I saw your picture. From the minute I saw your smile, baby I fell. I wanted you so much. I thought no one like that would ever want me. But suddenly you wrote me and our story began.

"Though there's no one there to guide you
No one to take your hand
But with faith and understanding
You will journey from boy to man"

I’ve opened my heart, so easily to you. Given my trust, my support, respect, love and understanding without question. Held you, close when you cried, kissed away your tears. Reminded you, when others said you were wrong. You were, right. That your a wonderful man and will someday be an amazing father. That being your girlfriend is the greatest gift. That knowing your mine, my man, my baby, my boyfriend. Makes my heart smile. I’m so proud of you. So proud to stand at your side, holding your hand. Next to this unbelievably brave strong man.

“Son of Man, look to the sky
Lift your spirit, set it free
Some day you'll walk tall with pride
Son of Man, a man in time you'll be “

You’ll always be in my heart, you’ll always be my inspiration. You’ve changed my life, you’ve opened my mind from this day on, I’ll carry you wherever I go, like the air I breath. Baby. I know that you need me just as much as I need you. We are amazing together, a normal, couple. Just a boy and a girl. Its right, its real, its the way it should be. Its the one thing I was looking for. The one thing I never knew I needed. I’ll be with you, baby I’ll always support you. No matter what others say. You know I’ll be there. Standing, strong protecting your heart, you and everything we are. I just love you so much baby boy! <3 You’re my ever ever after.

“In learning you will teach
And in teaching you will learn
You'll find your place beside the
ones you love”

All my daydreams, you’re there, blankets, hammocks, summer sunlight and warm nights. Kisses holding your hand. Falling more in love. Knowing you see me, really know me. I blush so deeply when you look deep into my eyes. I know you see my soul and I know I don’t mind. Baby, you make me feel special and it’s my goal to make you feel loved. I want everyone to see the wonderful man I know. I want you to be you! You've taught me so much about love. You've given me the greatest gift ever.

“Oh, and all the things you dreamed of
The visions that you saw
Well, the time is drawing near now
It's yours to claim in all”

From the moment I knew you, I wanted you to be my boyfriend. You were always a him, born to be a boy someday you’ll be the man you wanna be. But you’ll always be my baby boy. I’ll always be your supportive baby girl. I know before you know it all the things you're wishing for will be here. I'll always do everything to give you the world. To show you dreams come true. My love.

“Son of Man, look to the sky
Lift your spirit, set it free
Some day you'll walk tall with pride
Son of Man, a man in time you'll be”

For all of these reasons I love you. For all of these reasons you mean so much. Baby, you are amazing and baby I just thought you should know.

“son of man for all to see” <3

Always your’s
~*la misma luna*~