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Everything <3 Day 5

Baby Boy;

Today you’re coming home and last night you actually texted me to say ‘ i love you’ you’re unbelievably adorable. Have I told you lately how much I love you?

You told me you saw a lout of couples and thought of me everyday. So sweet, baby. I thought of you everyday too, but that’s normal :) you’re always in my heart and on my mind. I never told you my dream about Disney World did I. I remembered it after you left, actually. I’ll tell you if you’d like to know?

By now as I’m reading these words you’re blushing crimson and giggling. Shaking your head because I anticipated your smiles days before I’ve read you any of this. By now you’ll have realizing just how much I love you and missed you. Because I’ve written you out one letter every day you’ve been gone. No thanks necessary :) baby, each word was a pleasure and delight to entomb. If only that I’d know how happy you’d be just to come home and hear these words.

It’s morning here, 9:50am, earlier then my usual letters. I’ve been writing at night these last four days. You know as well as I can’t tonight. My vacation begins tonight :) and last night you told me you’ll be home tonight. Funny isn’t it. We’ll probably be passing each other you in the sky I on the dark highway. Miles apart but tied together where it matters in our hearts.

ALL my cd’s are done. PACKED. Everything is done, well mostly. When Danny comes tonight to pick up me and Nat. She’ll give me her computer bag and I can pack, my phone charger, computer & charger and my crayons. Cinnamon doesn’t quite know what to make of all the stuff I’ve been jamming into bags. For example I wanted to pack my Angry Bird; but he’s watching me type this letter my beloved man, you. Cinnamon is watching me and she’s looking confused. Her favorite heart toy is packed, her blanket and food bowel and leash. Its all in my American Eagle Bag.

Nat just called to inform me that she might as well move to North Carolina. As she has packed her entire room in her bags. Hmm it must be a subconscious thing, to pack everything that matters so you don’t have to come home?

This was after I made sure to set up my special albums through the apps ‘ my vacation’ and ‘ tripcolor’ on my iPhone to document my trip. Must remember to make my spring album on Facebook public so everyone can see the pictures. Oh and pack the camera!

I just stared listening to Johnny Cash’s song ‘ Ring of Fire.’ For some curious reason this song makes me think of road trips. Though this one will be of course be my first long one. Also my first serious trip to the SOUTH. I can’t believe it, that we’ll be crossing the Mason Dixon Line. But baby, as you already know. You’ll be fallowing this entire trip, I’ll take you lots of pictures. I can’t wait to see the South. Did you see leaves on trees in Florida? Silly question of course you did. I’m wondering if I’ll when I pass bellow Maryland.

Did I ever tell you my college took us on a 5 hr trip to DC in 2006. It was that year that I went to see the cherry blossoms so beautiful. I got to watch the sun come up and described it as -

“ the sun bursts over the mountains sending the blueberry clouds to pink cotton candy.”

Isn’t that poetic?

I watched a lout of Dawsen’s Creek to prepare for this trip and even one about Spring Break in Florida. There is a song called ‘ Everything’ by M2M and It makes me smirk because it starts off by talking about this girl. She misses her boyfriend and she tells us how long it’s been since he called her. She also tells us that everyone is in love so were are you? Its cute. Makes me think of you.

I’d love to just be able to go away with you. Would you like that baby. A vacation just us? Were would be go? I’d love to go to North Carolina with you to the beach. I love the ocean, as the sun rises from its depths. Staining the water a glorious golden peach. You can’t tell but I’m smiling thinking of us there. Together walking hand in hand. Alone :)

It’s so gray outside and cold. I can’t wait to go somewhere warmer. According to my iPhone it will be 79’ in Newton when we arrive tomorrow morning. Not to different from Orlando which I noticed is 84’ now. You must have had so much fun. Did you swim? I hope you took lots of pictures. Oh my gosh it’s so wonderful at last to be able to read you all these letters. I love you baby.....

And so I end this letter, my wish would be that I will close my computer and you’ll be right here. You’ll kiss me and hug and hold me close. You’ll say ‘ oh baby i love you so much.’ But either way, you’ll be within my heart....and I’ll be within yours.

You are so Loved Ash,
you’re the most wonderful man ever! Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.
always your
baby girl <3

PS. By now I can tell you a little SECRET.
PSS. I can think of other things to do too, besides walk hand in hand. Curling up on a beach towel reading and watching the water. I’ll kiss your cheek as I always do you’ll blush. Some things don’t change. You’ll pull me close and probably down on top of you. And we will lay like that...the world...far away...just as safe, loved and together...I miss and love you so much baby boy, my cubby, my all in one...my best of everything....my other half<3
~*la misma luna*~