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Mo Ghile Mear <3 Day 4

Darling Love;

Today was my last day with Dean and Racheal as their Nanny. Can you truly believe I’ve been working there six months? The week I started there was the week I met you at the bus station. Not for the first time this week does my mind wonder back to those perfect memories. I can’t help but shake my head and smile, oh how you are missed.

Baby, you haven’t texted since Sunday, I’m sure you’ve got a very good reason. I’m betting you let your phone charger back in NY? I’m sure by the time I’m sure reading these words to you. I’m hopping you’ll have already texted to tell me you missed me.

I’ve just FINALLY finished all 12 discs for the drive to North Carolina tomorrow night. I’ve been working on them since the beginning of March.

I also burned an extra one of celtic music, which I love with my entire heart. It makes my heart jump just like your kisses do. There is this song that I really love that I downloaded tonight it’s called Mo Ghile Mear, that is Gallic the language of the celtics and my mom’s ancestors. It’s loosely translated as my darling. Which you are so dear to my heart. Perhaps this is why I love this song so much. It actually reminds me of how it feels to love you. SO ALIVE. So beautiful, so free, so safe so amazing in every way. Someday maybe I can play you this song?

I’m up to page 517 of the Historian the book has once more gotten away from me. I can’t help how addictive it is just like your kisses. I know you’re blushing as I read this and because of that I’m smiling and wanting to hold you.

There is something almost magical about the song ‘ Night Ride Across The Caucasus by Loreena McKennitt. As though this song was written for this book, a perfect song for a soundtrack. I wish you were here baby boy to hear it. It’s layered and echoing, whimsical and haunting. As though its reverberating back across time and space. Back from a place that only a song can journey.

My dad brought her CD back from Canada once. She’s big there you see. He didn’t take to her at all but. I fell for her haunting message and bestowed the honor of the unofficial songs of The Historian on them. A grand honor when you realize how much I love the book. Perhaps you find it cute that your baby girl gets all excitable over a book. Perhaps it is as I’m smiling reading this to you blushing heart racing. Maybe your actually sitting here with me holding my hand. Every time I share a part of myself, even if its a book. My life comes alive in a way it never could have been. My love for you makes every old thing NEW again. Every new experience exciting. Oh how I love you baby boy! I miss you so much. I wish more then anything you were here....I long to kiss and be held by you so much.

At some point tomorrow you come home from Orlando. At some point, I hope you’ll text me....because I miss you so....

Around 10pm I’ll be leaving for North Carolina. I’ll write you one more letter here; tomorrow morning. As I read you these words, I’ll have already returned home.

I hope we are united again soon, not only in heart for we always are. But in all ways....until my next letter....

I miss you
and love you with my entire heart
your baby girl
~*la misma luna*~