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A thousand Miles :) Day 3

Baby love;

It’s Monday the 26th; two days till the 28th. I’m sure you’ve noticed the days ticking away with a mix of happiness and annoyance. I’m sure that no one want’s to leave, what is called happiest place on earth. Though for me, as I read these words to you. I’ll just simply say as I blush that the most magical place for me is with you. Now your blushing, because I know I’ve awed you again. I speak only what is in my heart my handsome man. I write only my deepest adoration, love and desire for you. I miss and love you so much.

I hope you’re having fun baby! I want to hear all about it, Disney World. I had a dream about it, I can’t remember if I told you. Sadly I’m not having much fun at the moment.

Today, I had a serious talk with my boss or at least I tired to. This was in part what made my day so sad. I needed to ask her about my pay. She totally ‘ bitched’ me out, for asking her a question. My last day was supposed to be Wednesday, and she still hasn’t payed me. So it was legitimate for me to ask her about it.

I’m going to miss Dean and Racheal and its sad to be leaving. I know that this is just a job to their mom. But we have gotten close in the past months. I’ve shared a lout of myself in this job and I’d like to at least be given respect. I guess their mom can’t manage that, because she’s been so rude to me these past days.

On the bright side, we were playing vampire today, Dean was the villain and I was the vampire slayer. Racheal was the princess that I had to protect. It was seriously fun and then we watched the 10th Kingdom. It gave my heart so much happiness to see how this story came alive for them. I was 16 in high school when this movie aired on NBC. It was so amazing to be able to share this movie with them. When it was me and my mom’s thing before. I we’ll never forget these simple little memories.

Oh and speaking of Vampires I’ve finished part 1 & 2 of the Historian. I had forgotten in fact how good it really was. I’ll gladly tell you anything or everything about it. I’m not sure if you’re into vampires. I’m more a werewolf fan as you know. I know you’re probably blushing thinking of the wolf. PS. He’s thinking of you to :)

I packed today and Cinnamon assisted by playing with her toy all over my cloths. I had to take it way from her to get anything done. She looked very sad but I had to get things done. We both MISS YOU! BABY! I know it’s only been a few days since you’re been on vacation. But I feel like there’s always so much to tell you. I always crave time with you. US time, to hold your hand or kiss your perfect lips. To lay in you’re strong arms...to fall asleep there. To have adventures, I know I sound like like a broken record player, I’m hoping that’s endearing. But my love for you and my missing you lays unchanging on my heart. Come home soon baby boy. Your girl misses you so much. Misses everything about you....and hopes as I read these letters over....you’ve been thinking of me too.

all my love
your baby girl

Oh PSS. Remember I told you how ditzy Natalie can be? Well today there was a psycho running around with AK 47 near Danny’s job. She’s ok the building was on lock down. I told Nat on fb and I sandwiched it between a list of things I packed and something else I can’t remember. It’s up on my wall if you want to read it. Anyway her response to my message was, thanks for reminding me to bring a pillow!??? REALLY! Danny was like Nat is a ditz. Oh I don't know if they got the guy yet. I'll write and let you know when they do.

Well Ce La Vie....until tomorrow, i'll be dreaming and thinking of you. By the way thank you for all the wonderful texts you've been sending...you make me feel very loved.
~*la misma luna*~